LoafNest Non-Stick Silicone Mesh Liner [Made in France] for use with LoafNest Kit

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  • Perforated Silicone Liner for crunchy crust all around
  • Non-Stick for mess-free and easy clean bread making
  • Made in France, Durable for thousands of uses
  • High Temperature Silicone Liner safe for use up to 260°C / +500°F
  • Only for use with LoafNest, Incredibly Easy Artisan Bread Kit (sold separately)

LoafNest liners are made with glass fibers reinforced High Temperature Resistant Silicone. Perforations allow better heat transfer, allow moisture to escape at the bottom, giving a crunchy crust and give that professional baked texture on the bottom. 

LoafNest Silicone Liner is non-stick and easy peel thanks to silicone material and its flexibility. 

LoafNest silicone liners are Made in France, by Demarle, who are known for their pioneering Silpat baking mats. 

LoafNest Silicone Liner adheres to EU and US FDA standards for food contact safety. 

LoafNest Liner is designed to last at least 1000 uses and with care as instructed, can last up-to 2000-3000 uses.

LoafNest Liner is designed to be used as a part of LoafNest Incredibly Easy Artisan Bread Kit.