Revolutionary way to make Artisan Bread at home easily

Our first product LoafNest was born out of our own family's endeavour to eat healthy and tasty, everyday! Using our backgrounds, we created LoafNest in our kitchen. It makes breadmaking so easy that we thought there are others who will appreciate having one.

  • No-knead 

    LoafNest method means No-Kneading, No-Shaping, No-Mess and No-Cleanup. Just mix the ingredients with a fork and time will do the rest.

  • Just Mix 

    You can just mix the dough with a fork, no kneading or shaping is needed. No more messy counter tops or hands to clean.

    LoafNest Method 
  • Less than 5 minutes effort 

    Artisan breads took effort - not anymore!LoafNest method takes less than 5 minutes of actual effort. This is near hands-off artisan bread making!

Trust. Quality. Integrity.

LoafNest: Revolutionary way to make Artisan Bread at Home easily.

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  • Stopped buying store bought bread

    I have stopped buying store bought bread! The Loafnest pan is beautiful, functional and makes the most delicious bread. We are a small family of two (empty nesters) and I bake at least one loaf a week. I had a bread machine that just didn’t cut it and made less than desirable bread. Once I made my first loaf in the Loafnest pan, I got rid of the bread machine the next day!

    - Solanosh, Grand Junction, USA

  • Crunchy Crust Soft Crumbs

    LoafNest has made my bread much better. Before loaf nest I was always trying to get steam in my oven to make my crust crunchy and it never worked for me. Now, with the loaf nest, my loaf of Italian bread comes out, crunchy and soft on the inside. I use a recipe from another website for an Italian bread, which is quite good. Since I’ve been using that recipe with my Loaf Nest, my Italian bread is delicious and everyone loves it. Using the Loaf nest has made everything much easier and possible. Now I bake bread on a regular basis.

    - Lisa B., Wading River, USA

  • Quality of the Product

    I purchased my LoafNest several months ago and have loved ever since. Several things about the bread cooker makes this really stand out for me. First would be the quality of the product . It's not only good looking but it's also built like a tank, tuff and strong. Next has to be the easiest bread I've ever made. Each loaf turns out with purification. Lastly, is the size of each loaf is just right. Simply put, I love it!

    - J Hunter, Athens AL, USA

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